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SVI stories updated January 5, 2015

Important Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District

Board of Directors Election

Topic Title

The MRGCD Board of Directors Election is slated for June 2, 2015.

In order to run, you must declare your candidacy and collect petition signatures.

Visit for more information.


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 Making a Mark: 
This past summer, ten young local artists made their mark on the South Valley. Working with lead artist Joe Stephenson and project manager Katila Perez of Working Classroom and supported by Bernalillo County Arts Board, 1% For the Arts,

Special Column

Musing & Meanderings


Fat Pressure

There are social pressures that push us along.  Whether that pressure is actually beneficial might be questionable (and spark socio/political debate) is almost...

CNM South Valley Campus:
To Connect, Collaborate, Grow, and Succeed

    The Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) South Valley campus will celebrate its twenty year anniversary next year, just as CNM hits the half century mark...






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Our Editor's Book, Tiffany Blue
Our editor, Patricia McCraw, has written a book titled Tiffany Blue. It is about the early days of Tiffany's® and its connection to New Mexico and the turquoise mines. Here is what best-selling author Tony Hillerman had to say about Tiffany Blue: "Anyone interested in New Mexico history, or history of the West in general, should not miss Pat McCraw's Tiffany Blue, a fascinating account of the very early days of turquoise mining.  Much of it is told in the words of the immigrant Irishman who was one of the first in the game." Tiffany Blue covers the time period of New Mexico history that runs from 1882 to 1933. The Tiffany Blue story is told in real time by the people who were actually there.



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