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County ad for free toilet

Senator’s focus on constituents

You might say Michael Padilla, New Mexico State Senator from District 14, is a rather unusual  “politician.”
For the first time in many years, the South Valley has a Senator who makes an effort to talk to his constituents—and not just doing election time.
Padilla is developing a reputation of being interested in what goes on in his district and he talks to people.  In fact, Padilla averages about three meetings in a day where he goes to talk to his constituents, collect ideas for legislation, and just hear the people’s concerns...

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Special workshops by NMSU

There is a solution to having a green yard and still being water-efficient – subsurface drip irrigation for turfgrass.
New Mexico State University’s Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service will present a hands-on demonstration and installation workshop on Tuesday, June 3, to inform landscaping professionals about the infrastructure of the subsurface drip irrigation system.



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Gutierrez-Hubbell House

The partnership between the Hubbell House Alliance and Bernalillo County Parks and Recreation Open Space has created many miracles, possibilities and challenges for all working with the magnificent and  Gutierrez-Hubbell House History and Cultural Center (GHHHCC) on these ten acres of rural Open Space.  This road through history, community, tradition, agriculture has not been an easy one to decipher and build.  No one cartographer could have created, sustained and maintained this path alone. 



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Our Editor's Book, Tiffany Blue
Our editor, Patricia McCraw, has written a book titled Tiffany Blue. It is about the early days of Tiffany's® and its connection to New Mexico and the turquoise mines. Here is what best-selling author Tony Hillerman had to say about Tiffany Blue: "Anyone interested in New Mexico history, or history of the West in general, should not miss Pat McCraw's Tiffany Blue, a fascinating account of the very early days of turquoise mining.  Much of it is told in the words of the immigrant Irishman who was one of the first in the game." Tiffany Blue covers the time period of New Mexico history that runs from 1882 to 1933. The Tiffany Blue story is told in real time by the people who were actually there.



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